Doc’s room for ruminating

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    Check out the trouble we\’ve been getting into

    Mar 09 2023

    As always we've had a great time taking care of your farm animals in a manner that is safe for them and everyone working with them.
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    Check out how we closed out a great 2022!

    Jan 05 2023

    2022 was a year to remember for Vet-2-Home. We took a big leap and began providing much needed farm animal services to the San Diego county area. Throughout the process...
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    Check out what Vet-2-Home has been up to!

    Dec 01 2022

    Click the picture to start the slide show We've been busy the past few months taking care of your farm animals. When dealing with animals and medicine complications and variations...
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    7 Goat Castrations in 1 morning

    Oct 19 2022

    A lot of people ask me why not band, or use a burdizzo or Henderson tool. The answer is very simple....all those are perfectly good ways to castrate an animal...
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    Check out the fun we had in September

    Oct 10 2022

    Vet-2-Home was busy in September taking care of your farm animals and pets. Give us a call to schedule your next herd exam!